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1 year ago

New footage emerges of suspected UFO sighting over California military base

Two UFO experts are reviewing new footage of what they claim is a mass UFO sighting over a military base.

“Weaponized” podcast hosts Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp examined photos and videos Tuesday on the podcast, which they said were taken back in April 2021 over Twentynine Palms, California.

“Two years ago, this thing happened and nothing has come out,” Knapp explained. “There’s been no media coverage in two years since.”

“I got a tip from two bases at the time,” Corbell recalled about the quick call he got from a person who was “high up.”

“But the tip was basically like ‘something happened and you should look into it. Click,'” he said, claiming that the source hung up without further explanation.

In one clip, the pair pointed out a triangular formation of lights hovering above the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Camp Wilson.

The sight is reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights event spotted in Arizona in March 1997.

Though this spotting has never been addressed until now, Corbell claimed that the more than 10-minute-long event was seen by over 50 people, including Marines on base.

He hopes now that the pair is talking about what they allege is a UFO, more eyewitnesses will come forward and speak on it.

The object was apparently between the size of half a football field or a three-bedroom, two-story house — or even bigger, Corbell alleged.

The Post has contacted Corbell and Knapp, as well as the Marine base, for comment.

Meanwhile, Stanford professor and ufologist Dr. Garry Nolan boldly claimed last week that he believes “100%” that extraterrestrials have not only visited Earth but have “been here a long time” — and may even still be on the planet today.

Last month, a native New Yorker released his second book that compiles powerful firsthand accounts of UFO encounters from across the globe.

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